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by DeAngelo on February 22, 2011


So the “announcement” referenced in yesterday’s post is CheerThis – a place for hassle free sharing and voting. Yet another link recommendation engine, you ask? *sigh* “Yes”, I answer. BUT this one adds a few wrinkles that differentiate it from the more popular ones out there. There’s features like zero registration and infinite voting for starters. Integration with Disquss so that you can re-use a profile across multiple sites for another. And *many* more to come.

The project is basically quasi-pre-alpha at this point. There is tons more tweaking, fine tuning as well as big meaty features I want to add to this thing. It’s buggy and very much incomplete. So why mention it now? Eh, why not?! It’s “usable” right now and maybe some people can help me alpha test this thing.

In many ways, this is an experiment. In fact, in the future you may hear me refer to this as the “CheerThis” experiment. There are some crazy notions I want to test out with this and to see if they have any traction. In many ways, this will be a test bed for future projects I have in mind.

Ultimately, this post isn’t an “announcement” so much as an effort to get people in the loop on this experiment on some level. It’s time to start getting this thing out of my head and into the wild on at least a basic level.

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